What role does Social media play in your overall marketing strategy?

Below Huzu asked brands and agencies from the Social Media World Forum March just gone ‘what role does Social media play in your overall marketing strategy?’

The Brands’ Perspective

The Agencies’ Perspective

Huzu is a social media technology company. Licensing its white-label social media platform to brands and agencies.  Allowing them to provide their customers with an engaging community and reducing the cost of building the technology in – house. The platform is flexible and can be customised for each brand, with functionality that includes profiles, forums, video, blogs, picture galleries, friends network, calendars, instant chat, plus Facebook share and connect, amongst others. Designed with easy-to-use administration and content management tools, Huzu also benefits from fully controllable ad space. TUI, Eircom, Racing UK and Durex have built successful communities using the Huzu social media platform.