Top sessions not to miss at #SMWF

Fundamentals of Social Media 

Greg Cargill, VP of Client Services for Social & Media at Blitz and founder of the bigMETHOD opens this year’s free to attend Social MediaHub with the ‘The Importance of Process in Online/Social Marketing’ Research, Strategy, Creation and Measurement’ workshop. Focus will surround how to effectively engage with all relevant communities, to maximize your awareness efforts as well as how to keep your brand in the conversation between major announcements.

Day One, Social Media Hub, 10:30am

What’s your social reputation?

As social media moves from just another facet to mainstream marketing, more focus is being put upon social reputation. But what is social reputation and why does it matter to business? We gathered together leading thinkers from Klout, Collective Bias, Constellation research and to delve into the subject of social reputation, sharing their strategies and experience along the way.

Day One, SMWF, 09:10am

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Keynote Q & A with Coca Cola

This year we will be welcoming Michael Donnelly, Director of Worldwide Interactive Marketing, at The Coca-Cola Company. Michael is responsible for increasing the understanding, testing, adoption and effective use of digital marketing and emerging media amongst Coca-Cola marketers throughout the world. In recent years we have seen Coca Cola take on a progressive digital strategy which has involved the launch of ‘My Coke Rewards’ in the US and a simple but effective social media policy. Michael will be giving a unique perspective on how brands can utilise new digital and mobile marketing outlets to their advantage.

Day One, SMWF, 09:10am

Social media means business

Managing your business across the social space is a little more complex than simply having a facebook page or twitter account. Much of social reputation comes down to educating internally and ensuring that those within the business are aware of the core values and key messages that should be portrayed. Session four, Day 1, will probe into how brands are implementing enterprise social media strategies to align with their business objectives starting with a discussion panel including BBVA Compass, Scholastics and News Corp. Closely followed by a presentation by Robert Harles, Global Head of Social Media at Bloomberg. Robert will be discussing how to integrate social media into a traditional organisation.

Day One, SMWF, 16:00pm

Case study: NASA and location based marketing

Back in 2010 NASA rolled out a new branded partnership with Foursquare straight off the heels of announcing the space agency was teaming up with another geo-location based social platform, Gowalla.The partnership features a customised section on the Foursquare website, where NASA provides official information about the space program in locations throughout the US and encourages users to “explore the universe”. Stephanie L. Scheirholz leads NASA’s social media activities and will be discussing NASA’s relationship with location marketing, covering topics such as:

• How location based marketing platforms can bring value to your brand

• Analyse of consumer behaviour – who are the consumers of location based marketing

• Predicting behaviour through geo-tagging and marketing from it

Day Two, SMWF, 09:40am

Social Sharing: The ultimate form of distribution

This panel aims to delve deeper into the benefits of Social Sharing, arguably one of the most influential behavioral shifts of the 21st Century. With insights from the key players in Social Sharing, join this interactive discussion and get set ready to share….

• Recognizing the behavioral shift and adapting accordingly

• The power of the ‘like’ button

• Creating sharable content

• Personalisation: Going beyond creative expression – why are we so keen to share so much.

• Pitfalls and perils: Is it possible to over share; What can businesses learn from over sharing.

Day Two, SMWF, 10:10am

To view the full agenda please click here.

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