MSc. in marketing and entrepreneur in the marketing industry for over 9 years.
Founder and managing director of First Day of Spring.

First Day of Spring – Strategic Influencer Marketing.

The future of marketing if people powered.

We launch, activate and renew brands by connecting and co-creating with influencers.

My expertise:

– Strategic influencer marketing
– Marketing strategy with business impact
– Brand & concept development
– Co-creation with influencers

My philosophy:

On a typical day it feels like everything around you is changing. To some all this change breeds fear; for me, it’s a source of inspiration. I don’t just let things happen; I make them happen.

This is also the driving mindset of First Day of Spring: constantly looking for innovation with passion and near-reckless abandon. Figuring out new ways to evolve things beyond what we know, help them mean more. Embracing change speeds up the pace of innovation; after all, nothing evolves by just standing still. This forward-thinking mindset is an essential part of First Day of Spring’s DNA, and something that lives inside me and everyone who works with us.