With a degree in business administration, Pepe Moder has started as Product Manager of UUNET (WorldCom group) and later Mktg Partner in strategic consulting for the digital world. In the same period he published “Web Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises” and “Internet Startup”, two books with Apogeo.

In Genialpoint (Allianz Group) Pepe took care of Digital Business Development; then played the role of New Media Manager for Internet communication and Corporate web sites for the entire Allianz Group in Italy. in 2008 he joined Barilla where he remained until 2012 as the Head of Digital Marketing & Communication Group.

From April 2012 to July 2014 he covered in Pirelli the position of Global Director for the Digital Marketing & Communication.

He is currently in FCA, acting as EMEA Had of Digital Marketing & CRM for Fiat, and Chrysler brands. He is also a lecturer in digital communication and marketing for several universities in Italy and abroad.