Q Interactive reveal survey results on women in social gaming

Last week at the Social media World Forum in San Francisco, Q Interactive outlined some recent research findings as part of their presentation.  Part of the dynamic dialogue centered on how consumers are engaging with social gaming – An area that has received a tremendous amount of attention over this past week.

At the heart, the study offered a look at how over 2,000 women are engaging with social gaming and app’ing. Topline, they are exceptionally engaged and active – far more than you would expect – and very much interested in communication from brands during this form of entertainment.

Matt Wise, president of Q Interactive, spoke on this @ Tuesday’s “Monetizing Social Games & Virtual Currency” session.

There is a press release you can  check out, click here

Here are a few of the research finding the Q Interactive survey came up with;

·    Women are acquiring virtual currency more regularly than they likely hit up a real ATM: 57 percent earn/spend virtual currency daily.
·    Despite the need for virtual currency, only one in ten women have actually used “real” money to purchase it; of that group, 85 percent have spent under $100 in their gaming and app’ing activities – ever.
·    So, women gamers and app’ers have formed a unique partnership with brands: Of women who have signed up for branded offers to get more virtual currency, 67 percent found that offer useful.
·    There is no sign of slowing: With a down market, it is interesting to note: Of women interacting with games and apps, 57 percent feel virtual gifting – for example, giving a bag of virtual makeup from Sephora – is as meaningful as “real” gifting.
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