Socialbakers is one of the world’s largest social marketing & analytics suites, with over 2,700 clients in 100 countries – including half of the Global Fortune 500.

In addition to offering one of the largest databases of free social media statistics and insights in the world, we provide user-friendly social media solutions that allow brands to measure, compare, and optimize their social campaigns with competitive intelligence that is second to none.

With the only analytics platform that provides global industry benchmarking and local categorization in social media, Socialbakers is the most versatile, complete service of its kind. Facebook has awarded Socialbakers 3 Preferred Marketing Developer badges in recognition of its capabilities.

Since 2008, Socialbakers has grown from a small office in Pilsen, Czech Republic, to a global entity with nearly 400 employees of 32 nationalities, working in 14 offices across the globe. Our developers have put in nearly 400,000 hours of product development in order to make sure that Socialbakers products are constantly improving.

Smart social marketing begins with Socialbakers.