Not quite networking in the sun, but at least it didn’t rain! Big thank you to all of those that made it down to the #SMWF Summer BBQ!

We’re all BBQ’d out after a lovely (and surprisingly dry) evening at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane! The night was filled with Mama’s tasty Jerk Chicken, social media chatter and pub quiz banter as teams went head to head on the #SMWF Pub Quiz! Big congratulations to the team at @gravytrainLtd for winning the bottle of bubbly at the end of the night.

And for you all you dying to know the answers (in particularly the Pinterest question) we have listed the answers below!

Congratulations to team ‘ Smartphones Allowed’ ahem!

#SMWF Pub Quiz Answers

1. If you tweet at 7pm in London what time will the tweet appear in Tokyo, Japan?


2. Put these celebrities in order of number of Twitter followers:

A: Katy Perry

B: Lady Gaga

C: Rihanna

D: Justin Bieber


3. You’ve started a highly successful Facebook fan page :-), and in the first four days the number of fans go up as follows, 6, 14, 30, 62. What’s the next number in the sequence?


4. Who founded Myspace?

A.Tom Anderson

B.Rupert Murdoch

C.Will DeWolfe

D.Marc Andressen


5.You’re browsing Pinterest, what might be 12 in London, 10 in New York and 40 in Rome?

Dress size (of course!)

6. According to Facebook in 2011, how many friends does the average Facebook user have?

A. 123

B. 190

C. 265

D. 301


7. How much did Twitter buy TweetDeck for in 2011?

£25 million / $40 million

8. Which British brand has the most followers on Google+?

Cadbury UK

9. Which letter is to the left of F on the QWERTY keyboard?


10. List these brands in order of number of Facebook fans:

A. Starbucks

B. Disney

C. Coca-Cola

D. Converse

C,A,D, B