Immediate Future looks ‘Beyond the Social Media Hype’ @ the Social Media World Forum

Immediate Future will be hosting a workshop presentation at the Social Media World Forum taking place on 15th/16th March at Olympia, London.

Katy Howell, Managing Director will be presenting the session, which will be looking beyond the social media hype: examining the real success factors of social media engagement, how to measure, evaluate and determine ROI and how to resource for success

–    What you can learn from the social media pioneers –  the mistakes, the quick-wins and best practice
–    The ROI framework that unlocks your budget – measuring the results that the Board values
–    Determining the optimum resource – activating the social media champions in your organisation

Looking beyond the hype, Immediate future recently surmised that  third of the brands featured in the research receive no retweets at all, a clear sign that their followers never find their communications interesting enough to share with their own networks.

Managing Director of immediate future, Katy Howell said, “When marketers talk about Twitter, the focus is too often simply on the number of followers. This doesn’t give you a realistic picture of how well the organisation is engaging with its audience, since it can be quite easy to drum up a large number of followers, even if most of them aren’t that interested in what the brand has to say. But by examining how often its posts are retweeted we can get a much better idea of how interested people are in engaging with a brand. In effect, the more a brand is retweeted, the more it has the attention of its audience.”

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With over 20 years’ industry experience, Katy is renowned for her insight and knowledge of online PR and social media. Highly-respected in her field, she manages the online PR diploma module for the Institute of Direct Marketing and the Institute for Sales Promotion. She is an active member of the social media council at the Internet Advertising Bureau and is invited to speak at many conferences including Marketing Week, CIM and CIPR. immediate future’s client experience includes; Sony Europe, BT, Diageo, PSP, NSPCC, BBC, Cancer Research, Boxed up, Kinder Bueno, CW Jobs, Mirror Group, Hotel Chocolat, Sara Lee, bmibaby.

About Immediate Future
Founded in 2004, immediate future Ltd is a fast growing PR agency that bridges the gap between media, marketing and technology. We have a comprehensive understanding of the digital industry and proven expertise in Online PR and Social media relations, so our PR programmes and campaigns deliver clients’ business objectives.