…a very informative, relevant conference for anyone who works in social media…

Lauren Stewart, Social Media Manager, Haven Holidays

…fantastic mix of highly skilled and insightful speakers who spoke in a very open and collaborative manner. It felt like a series of insider tips and knowledge sessions…

Henry Windridge, Marketing Manager, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire

…a great event – I liked the versatility of the modules and conversations and there were a great number of nuggets to take away…

Mark Peters, Digital Integration Director, News International

We took away some great social media nuggets from the day…

Simone Schuurer, EMEA Community Site Manager, Microsoft

How fashion brands are harnessing the power of Instagram

(c)marketingweek.com/2015/07/27/how-instagrams-mobile-ad-revenue-will-overtake-google-and-twitter/   “Ready to shoot my first campaign for Burberry Brit fragrances,” announced 16 year old Brooklyn Beckham last week to his six million strong Instagram following. It came alongside an arty black and white shot – striking certainly, but the stuff of photographic genius? Perhaps not. Ready to shoot The post How fashion brands are harnessing the power of Instagram appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

An interview with Rahul Asthana, Regional Marketing Director at Kimberly Clark

  Rahul Asthana has over 14 years of brand building, marketing and sales experience working on the largest brands with the largest FMCG companies in the world. Since January 2014, Rahul has been a key member of the Asia Pacific Leadership Team of Kimberly-Clark’s consumer business as regional sector leader for The post An interview with Rahul Asthana, Regional Marketing Director at Kimberly Clark appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

5 ways to get your audience to talk to you online – Dynamic social engagement for 2016

(c)iStock.com/[ymgerman]   Our first conference of 2016, #DMWF Singapore, takes place at the end of this month, so we wanted to take the chance today to give you a feel of what to expect. Our first panel discussion on day one brings together five industry experts to discuss dynamic social The post 5 ways to get your audience to talk to you online – Dynamic social engagement for 2016 appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

The personalisation of air travel – customer service vs low prices

(c)iStock.com/[Mutlu Kurtbas]   Think for a minute about the last time you booked a flight. What factors impacted your decision? The chances are that cost came pretty high on the list. Over the last few years, air travel has entered into what feels like an almost supermarket style price war, The post The personalisation of air travel – customer service vs low prices appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

New #SheInspiresMe campaign launch – how do charities stand out in a crowded social media marketplace?

(c)http://www.womenforwomen.org.uk/she-inspires-me   In 2014 we tipped buckets of ice cold water over our heads, in 2015 we saved animals from extinction with an #EndangeredEmoji, and starting today, January 29 2016, Women for Women International are asking us to take to social media to ‘join the sisterhood’ and support women everywhere The post New #SheInspiresMe campaign launch – how do charities stand out in a crowded social media marketplace? appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

Why The Customer Journey Is No Longer Linear And Brands Must Evolve

(c)iStock.com/[martinwimmer]   In the new digital age, days of linear conversion paths and funnels are long gone – and brands need to stop seeing the path to conversion as a journey. By definition a journey is ‘the act of travelling from one place to another’, the implication being that every The post Why The Customer Journey Is No Longer Linear And Brands Must Evolve appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

Content marketing – focusing on ‘why?’

(c)iStock.com/[Fly_dragonfly]   We’re all in the media business now. Ford Motor? Media. Proctor & Gamble? Media. Mrs Mopp’s Flower Arrangements (and Associated Floral Services)? Media. If you’re reading this, congratulations – you’re in media. Feel free to grow ironic hair and start using the word ‘conceptualise’. You probably started off The post Content marketing – focusing on ‘why?’ appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

A Simple IDEA for Your Social Media in 2016

(Image copyright: anilakkus) “New Year, new you?” Social has evolved; and as a brand, you too need to evolve. We’ve seen the evolution from ‘social networks’ to a now ever-present ‘social web’: From: one-way communications > To: real-time communication across platforms From: single social platform identity > To: entire web social identification From: one asset across all channels The post A Simple IDEA for Your Social Media in 2016 appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

Brand Differentiation: Myth or Reality

(Image Copyright: 7maru)   A few weeks ago, I went clothes shopping with my thirteen-year-old niece in the U.S. Surprisingly; we ended up at Abercrombie & Fitch, a brand that I used to love because it was cool. However, in the last few years Abercrombie’s loud cologne and half naked The post Brand Differentiation: Myth or Reality appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

The Case for Positive Commerce

(Image Copyright: Сергей Хакимуллин)   A recent conversation with an industry colleague revealed this paraphrased conversation with a CMO at a recent meeting: CMO: I have an idea that will change everything. Colleague: That’s great! CMO: Let’s take the project you have here and apply Big Data to it. Colleague: The post The Case for Positive Commerce appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

#SMWF launches Digital Marketing World Forum – Singapore, Amsterdam, London and New York

The team behind #SMWF, the leading event series for digital and social marketing professionals, is excited to announce the launch of #DMWF – Digital Marketing World Forum. Providing two days of top level speakers and digital marketing insight, #DMWF arriving in four cities which have been at the forefront innovation in digital marketing. The post #SMWF launches Digital Marketing World Forum – Singapore, Amsterdam, London and New York appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

Do marketers need to be data scientists: Exploring personalisation, programmatic and big data

Picture source: innovation.internews.org The proliferation of digital and social marketing channel provide an explosion of customer data. CMOs must face the challenges of analysing this data, using it to personalise communications and fully capitalising on the opportunities provided. In this guest posts, Sean Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer at EXASOL explores the The post Do marketers need to be data scientists: Exploring personalisation, programmatic and big data appeared first on #DMWF Series Site.

Zoe Sands: Social Selling & Predictions for Digital in 2016

  Zoe Sands will be running Your Guide to Social Selling, an #SMWF training course on 19th November in London. We caught up with Zoe to find out a little bit more about her…     What inspired you to choose social selling as a core specialism?   I’ve chosen social The post Zoe Sands: Social Selling & Predictions for Digital in 2016 appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

Your Guide to Social Selling

  Your Guide to Social Selling – an #SMWF training course   The buyer has never been more informed than they are today. This has put sellers on the back foot with many struggling to find ways to engage with buyers. Sellers can no longer rely on cold calling and The post Your Guide to Social Selling appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

… an enviable lineup of speakers across a broad range of disciplines, I was spoilt for choice. A truly memorable event….

Charles Stanton, Group Social Media Manager, Bupa

…a great opportunity to network and listen to peers and the challenges and success they have had within the social media/wider digital arena…

Matthew Pritchard, European Digital Director, Kellogg Company

…a great event – I liked the versatility of the modules and conversations and there were a great number of nuggets to take away…

Mark Peters, Digital Integration Director, News International

…all the speakers at #SMWF were of excellent quality and I felt inspired by the things I’ve seen from the really big names…

Craig Porter, Head of Social Media Sportsbook, William Hill

#SMWF launches Digital Marketing World Forum – Coming to Amsterdam this December

The team behind #SMWF, the premier event series for digital and social marketing professionals, is excited to announce the launch of #DMWF – Digital Marketing World Forum, offering two days of top level speakers and insight from across the marketing arena, arriving in Amsterdam this December 1st-2nd. With the growth of social into a The post #SMWF launches Digital Marketing World Forum – Coming to Amsterdam this December appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

The Politics of Social Media: #SMWF chats to Tom Edmonds, Director of Digital and Creative for the Conservative Party.

With #SMWF 2015 now just around the corner, we’ve been catching up with one of our many exciting speakers Tom Edmonds, Conservative Party Director of Digital and Creative. We’ve been asking him his views on social media and digital marketing, and what to expect from our Day One Keynote Panel: The post The Politics of Social Media: #SMWF chats to Tom Edmonds, Director of Digital and Creative for the Conservative Party. appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

Are Bloggers The Key For Customer Engagement Success?

Guest post: By Rotem Dahan, Community Director at BlogsRelease, andDani Finkelstein, Co Founder, BlogsRelease. Customer engagement was a hot topic at this year’s #SMWF Europe. With speakers including Paul Gill from Oxfam, Josep Hernandez from Mondelēz International, Will McInnes from Brandwatch, Patrick van Straalen from Philips and many more who discussed attracting, engaging and The post Are Bloggers The Key For Customer Engagement Success? appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

How News UK ensures its content provokes emotion – whether that’s intrigue, tears or laughter.

For content provider News UK social media has had a huge impact on what and how and what it produces for its readers. The shift in its business has seen big changes as consumers become publishers in their own right – so is it change without risk? We interviewed News The post How News UK ensures its content provokes emotion – whether that’s intrigue, tears or laughter. appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

How Ford Motor Company moved from content provider to content creator

Why Ford of Europe’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs Mark Truby, a former newspaper business editor, worries about whether his company’s content is worthy of reading aloud over the breakfast table and how the launch of a new car in Germany with just 300 media present became the The post How Ford Motor Company moved from content provider to content creator appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

Why great content marketing is about thinking laterally

Hats off to the content marketers at Dolmio this week whose Pepper Hackers campaign is a truly brilliant example of a brand thinking laterally and yet still remaining completely on message. The Dolmio Pepper Hacker campaign, which has already amassed nearly 2 million views on YouTube since its launch, has The post Why great content marketing is about thinking laterally appeared first on #DMWF Amsterdam.

10 years of Facebook milestones – a look back

So this is the week we’ve all been busy checking out our Facebook Lookbacks – the nostalgic videos and photo montages lovingly created by those at Facebook HQ to celebrate the company’s tenth birthday on Tuesday. So, just in case you’ve missed the celebrations here are Facebook’s 10 years of

How to Tweet with Impact: 7 Twitter Lessons from the World’s Best

Guest Post from @digimindci     If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to tweet or take a selfie with it, does it really make a sound? The answer: probably not. Today, news without social media is at best sluggish and at worst non-existent, so

Speaker line-up builds for #SMWF in March

#SMWF, the premier event for social and digital marketing professionals taking place in London’s Brewery March 31 to April 1, is fast approaching and the speaker line-up is building fast with more than 20 high profile speakers from across industry now confirmed for the event. Latest speakers include Pierre Woreczek,

@LithiumTech announced as Diamond Sponsors for #SMWF 2014

With three months until #SMWF 2014 we’re  pleased to announce our most recent sponsor with community software and social media marketing specialist Lithium, who is joining the #SMWF line-up as the Diamond Sponsor for the event.

Last chance for #SMWF early bird offer – book by Friday!

Snapping up a bargain in January always makes you feel good and as such we wanted to remind you of your last chance to grab our early bird ticket offer for #SMWF. Until Friday 10 January we are offering £400 off the price of our two day workshop prices and

Looking back at 2013 – Top 8 social marketing trends of the year

Social media continued to become more integral than ever this year to how we communicate, market, sell and do business and here we bring you the eight social media trends of 2013. 1)      New advertising options  There were a number of changes to the social media advertising landscape in 2013

What do you want to hear about at #SMWF 2014? Share your idea & be in with a chance to win two conference passes!

We are always keen to find out what you want to hear more about at #SMWF and earlier this month held a meeting with our #SMWF advisory board members to find out what key topics they felt we should be covering in next year’s event at the end of March.

How social media helped enhance Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales (but can backfire too!)

Word of mouth marketing has long been important to the retail market and social media is therefore a natural sales driver since it encourages just that and has become even more so this year with social media used to further boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the past

#SMWF Europe 2014 dates announced!

#SMWF Europe is to return to The Brewery in London next year after the dates for the 2014 exhibition were announced this week. Running from the 31 March- 1 April the two day conference will again provide a showcase for the industry’s biggest thought leaders who will share their unique

10 ways in which eBay is driving sales through social media

  Understanding how your customers behave on social channels and how you can better interact with them is crucial to driving sales through social media. For eBay it has been a key part of creating a successful content strategy as Clelia Morales, Head of EU Social Media at eBay, explained

How Jack Daniel’s ensures its social media presence reflects its brand personality – #SMWF case study

    At whisky brand Jack Daniel’s it’s no accident that its customers identify so closely with the brand – especially on social media, because it has worked hard to ensure its social media presence reflects its brand personality. Speaking at #SMWF Jack Daniel’s global community manager Cordell Lawrence said

Ten ways in which crowdsourcing helps new product development #tescosocialwine

      Earlier this week Tesco revealed it was developing the world’s first socially created wine – the ultimate example perhaps in how crowdsourcing helps new product development and generating huge press coverage as a result, especially since it will also benefit the community where the wine will come

6 ways in which the #Myspace relaunch could save the social networking site.

Despite the hype surrounding the official Myspace relaunch this week it’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for the beleaguered social networking site. Once in prime position as the largest social network in the world its 30 million global monthly users are dwarfed by Twitter’s 200 million and

5 ways to understand Twitter’s power as a marketing tool

      By its very nature marketeers are naturally attracted to Twitter’s power as a marketing tool because they have long had to distil their key messages into short, punchy phrases. Adapting to make every one of their 140 words pull their weight therefore hasn’t been such a leap.

Top 10 tips from Asda on building customer relationships through social media

    Building customer relationships is important for any business but in the retail industry it’s absolutely vital, and social media is the perfect tool. Customers are voicing their opinions across the social media channels – from Facebook to Twitter – and ignoring what they are saying means missing rich

5 ways to create a character that will drive brand engagement on social media

The world of social marketing means that brands no longer have to be faceless organisations but can get closer than ever to customers. And what better way of doing that through the voice of your brand? As ITV’s ‘who dunnit’ drama series Broadchurch concluded in the UK recently social media

7 reasons why Pinterest should be part of your social marketing strategy

Who’d have thought that the online equivalent of a corkboard and pins would have revolutionised how brands are marketed? And yet the social media phenomenon that is Pinterest is changing the way brands are marketed online for good – especially to its predominantly female audience. So what exactly does the

#SMWF in pictures

We hope you’ve enjoyed the last two days of interactive debate and discussion at #SMWF as much as we have! Thank you to everyone who attended and made the event so productive and engaging. Here are our photo highlights of the last two days!

The best connections happen between the talks. Join @Salesforce at the Connect Lounge at #SMWF

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the proud sponsor of the Connect Lounge at #SMWF next week.  It speaks to the very heart of our company.  Salesforce.com is focused on providing next generation technology that helps our customers to connect with their customers, employees, partners and products in entirely new ways. We

Social media and TV: An opportunity for brands from @brandwatch

By: Joel Windels, Lead Community Manager, Brandwatch  Recently, the hot topic in the social world has been social media and TV. And for good reason; this year, social media activity during the Super Bowl was reportedly 3 times higher than in 2012 and, in February, Twitter bought TV analytics company BlueFin Labs,

Download the new #SMWF app ahead of next week’s show!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the official #SMWF app. Available on Android, iOS, mobile web and iPad, the app is designed to enhance the experience of #SMWF attendees before, during and after the show, by putting the following features and information at their fingertips: – Full event schedule

#Oscar chatter in social media from @meltwater [infographic]

By: Heidi Myers, Marketing Communications Manager, UK, Middle East & Africa, Meltwater This year, social media changed the way the world saw the Oscars. The celebrity world has always remained a mystery, with outsiders waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of their favourite star on the red carpet. But with the rise

Danone, World Bank, Jack Daniels, Nokia, Thomas Cook and many more join the #SMWF agenda

#SMWF will be returning to London in less than 4 weeks with an action packed agenda boasting over 50 of the world’s leading social brands, who will be delivering top notch insight and discussion on social marketing trends. The stellar line-up includes representatives from Coca-Cola, Danone, World Bank, Carlsberg, New

@Lithium, @AdobeMktgCloud, @brandwatch and many more become part of #SMWF 2013!

#SMWF Europe is pleased to welcome some of the world’s most exciting social marketing players to this year’s agenda and demo area exhibition. Find out more about them below: Platinum Sponsors Lithium Lithium social solutions help the world’s most iconic brands to build brand nations— vibrant social web and online

Collaborate with social marketing industry experts in the #SMWF Learning Labs

#SMWF Europe is extending the new model successfully pioneered at the New York show last year, delivering high-level practical content and advice across smaller interactive breakout workshops. The London show in March will deliver more opportunities to get hands on and creative than ever before with the launch of the

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest head to #AppsWorld N. America!

A vast majority of social activity starts on mobile, and for brands and marketers the challenge of how to get your content consumed through mobile social media. This year’s Apps World N. America agenda will feature the world’s biggest social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The social media giants

Staying in town for #SMWF Europe? Book your hotel today!

We are pleased to have partnered with the below hotels to offer all #SMWF delegates a discounted room rate for the 17th, 18th and 19th March 2013. We have a limited number of rooms are available at each hotel, so we do recommend making your reservation soon!  

Early bird discount for #SMWF Europe ends this Friday!

With just 2 months until the 5th #SMWF Europe, don’t miss your chance to take full advantage of the early bird discount ending this week! Register before Friday (18th Jan) at 1800 GMT and save up to £300 on your pass. This year’s show, taking place at The Brewery, London

Top six social marketing lessons from #SMWF N.America

With two jam-packed days of content, frequent networking opportunities and the best of the industry at your fingertips, it’s easy to miss some of the messages being spread at #SMWF N. America. Merlin Ward, account strategist at Renegade, has six lessons from some of social media’s brightest brains at last

#SMWF New York in pictures, doodles and tweets!

Thank you to everyone who came along to this week’s #SMWF at the Sentry Centers in New York. With some of the social media industry’s brightest and best headlining the agenda the two days were jam packed with debate and discussion around the future of social media marketing. Special thanks

Doodle.ly doodles #SMWF!

Doodle.ly the doodle people will be joining us at #SMWF, doodling all the action at next week’s show.  Check out some of the pre show doodles below. You can join in with your own doodles here, make sure to tweet them into the hashtag #SMWF!

#SMWF New York: Real-time brand building with #Twitter

#SMWF kicks off in New York in two weeks, and we’re excited to announce that Shane Steel, Twitter’s global director of marketing sales is one of our headline keynotes. Twitter, which took a little over three years to reach a billion tweets, now sees almost the same number of tweets

Hurricane #Sandy: Once again social media proves its strategic value in a crisis

Events across the east coast of North America over the past few days have again demonstrated the unique power of social media to unite emergency reaction efforts and connect people in times of crisis. As events unfolded and the largest ever Atlantic hurricane began to wreak havoc on one of

Engagement is a currency, not a quality explains @tomliacas from #engagementlabs

For any social media marketer worth their salt, engagement is the holy grail. It’s also a tangible, quantitative attribute which puts you ahead of the rest – and not everyone realizes this. #SMWF sponsors, #engagementlabs, explains what needs to be done to push engagement to the next level… I think most of

ROR (#RonR), Return on Relationship™… what is that? @TedRubin explains

In a world full of ‘take’, we can’t underestimate the qualities of ‘give’ in social media marketing. Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias and #SMWF speaker, discusses Return on Relationship: what you do in building social bridges might not be an instant win, but it can put

#SMWF N. America welcomes @Sprinklr as gold sponsors

#SMWF is very pleased to announce that Sprinklr, the social media management system, has joined us as Gold Sponsors for the event at Sentry Centers, New York, on 27-28 November. Sprinklr’s Social@Scale product helps enterprises mature in their social sphere, with thousands of users in various countries utilising the system and has

Pin it to win it: Boston Celtics’ tap into the power of #Pinterest

Pinterest has made a big dent in the world of social sharing in the past year. Quickly shooting up the social media pyramid, Pinterest ranked as number three social media website in a recent Experian Hitwise report following Facebook & Twitter and just ahead of LinkedIn. Having gained a reputation

Early bird discount for #SMWF N. America ends this Friday!

With just 6 weeks until #SMWF N. America, don’t miss your chance to take full advantage of the early bird discount ending this week! Register before Friday (Oct 19th) at 1800 EST and save up to $300 on your pass. This year’s show, taking place at the Sentry Centers on

#SMWF announces @Wildfire as Platinum Sponsors

#SMWF is very pleased to announce that Wildfire, the social media marketing tool designers, has come on board as a Platinum Sponsor for the event at the Sentry Centers, New York on Nov 27th – 28th, alongside speaking at the social marketing track. Wildfire’s opinions and insight will undoubtedly be

Social media high on the agenda for @Apps_World 2012

Social media is certainly on the agenda at Apps World in Earls Court 2, London on 2-3 October, with Facebook, Foursquare and Google all confirmed for the industry-leading event. Facebook will be present and featured as a case study at the two-day free to attend Droid World track, with developer

Gartner cites importance and potential of social media

Recent research from analyst house Gartner has forecast that not responding to social media will become as fatal to a brand image as not replying to phone calls and emails are today. Gartner focused on a three point strategy for organisations looking to fully utilise their social media response: •

Not quite networking in the sun, but at least it didn’t rain! Big thank you to all of those that made it down to the #SMWF Summer BBQ!

We’re all BBQ’d out after a lovely (and surprisingly dry) evening at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane! The night was filled with Mama’s tasty Jerk Chicken, social media chatter and pub quiz banter as teams went head to head on the #SMWF Pub Quiz! Big congratulations to the team at @gravytrainLtd

Join us at the #SMWF Summer BBQ!

The arrival of our British summer time has got us in the BBQ mood! We wanted to invite you to come along to our first ever SMWF Summer BBQ taking place at Vibe Bar on 17th July. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with your social media peers as

It takes more than a hashtag to become a social business

By Zoe Sands, Head of Digital Marketing, Juniper Networks  On my quest for social media knowledge and learning I continue to attend lots of social media events, most recently SMWF  in London. After attending many sessions it sprung to mind that although there is still a lot of buzz around

The real way social media is helping business by @GuyClapperton

Writing about social media is exciting – it’s a bit like writing about the emergence of the Web in the mid-1990s, which I did. A brand new medium, very exciting but very quickly people take it as read that we’re all webbed up, or ‘social’ now. Understandably they want to

Three Key Takeaways from #SMWF by Buddy Media

By Luca Benini, Managing Director, Europe, Buddy Media The 2012 version of SMWF London had a different feel than last year. Last year, I saw app developers everywhere I looked. But in 2012, these app developers were mostly replaced by social software and platform companies like Buddy Media. In my

#SMWF in pictures – thank you for attending!

That’s SMWF Europe over for another year; thanks to everyone who took time out of the ludicrously summery weather to come indoors and listen to a host of social media experts waxing lyrical about the developments in our industry. After Chris Brogan tore down our preconceptions and misapprehensions on the

Get ready for day 2 of #SMWF!

It was great to see everyone and celebrate the industry at the Social Soiree! We hope you’re all feeling fresh and ready for another exciting day of discussion and insight. Today alongside the keynote track the Enterprise and B2B Marketing workshops will be taking place as well as the Mobile

Enjoyed a full day at #SMWF? Don’t forget the Social Soiree tonight!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the action packed agenda today, now it’s time to sip some drinks and catch up with everyone at the show at tonight’s Social Soiree! We’ll be at JuJu in Chelsea from 7.30pm tonight for some serious social media networking, with a DJ, dance floor and a

Welcome to #SMWF 2012!

So SMWF has officially kicked off, and boy do we have a jam-packed first day set for you! With so many sessions to feast your eyes on, it’s difficult to whittle it down to just a select few that are unmissable. Today we’ve got the keynote track taking place along

#SMWF Europe returns tomorrow!

SMWF is nearly upon us. On tomorrow the doors of Olympia will open on one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated social media events; offering six conference tracks, a bustling exhibition space, and more industry movers, shakers and deal-makers than you could shake a stick at. Read on for some

Get the new #SMWF app now!

                      The official SMWF 2012 app is now available to download from the iTunes App Store now providing you with instant access to the latest agenda, speaker details, floor plan and exhibition information.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing [Infographic]

By Helen Clark, Marketing and Communications Assistant at ContentPlus Content marketing is a way of creating and sharing content to promote ideas, engage targeted audiences and encourage them to take action. It’s an integrated approach to marketing, with quality content at its heart. Just as the heart powers the body, content

Why social media conversations can no longer be regarded as folly? By @text100uk

By Dan Baxter, Managing Director, Text 100  Text 100 is sponsoring Social Media World Forum in London next week. We’re doing this not just because we fundamentally believe in the power of social but also because we feel we are at a crucial point in its maturity. Social media has

Socially Attuned – interview with Polydor #SMWF speaker taken from The Drum

The advent of social media has changed the music industry for good. With fans able to source and share music using Spotify, Facebook and YouTube, it’s never been more important for record labels to become digitally aware. But what challenges does this bring for the music industry? The Drum caught

Improve Your Brand Awareness with Guest Blogging

By Nico Jacquart, Director, Digital Blighty No matter what your business, you can use guest blogging to build brand awareness and grow your customer base. Guest blogging provides a way for you to reach readers through an established platform. A guest blog post is one made by someone other than

SMWF speakers at a glance #SMWF 2012

The Social Media World Forum Europe 2012 is kicking off next week on 27-28th March at the Olympia 2 in London. The event boasts a packed agenda with over 150 speakers, delivering top notch insigh and discussion on the social media trends. We’ve created a speaker index that allows you

Get Connected at #SMWF: Tweet Wall returns in association with @text100uk!

A feature that is hard to miss and central to the SMWF networking hub within the expo area is the Tweet Wall, an innovation by our partners ultraknowledge. The SMWF Tweet Wall will be back and this year we have teamed up with Text 100, an award winning public relations consultancy,

Get your party shoes on! The #SMWF Social Soirée returns!

Taking place on the evening of 27th March, day one of SMWF, the official Social Soirée is set to descend on the The JuJu, Chelsea Kicking off from 7:30pm, this is going to be the social media networking knees-up of the year; including a complimentary bar, DJ, dance floor and

Introducing #SMWF Connect Live!

The SMWF Connect Live networking sessions will be taking place at SMWF on both days of the event for paid delegates, speakers, sponsors & exhibitors. SMWF Connect Live will take the format of speed networking providing a structured, yet informal environment, to meet and connect with fellow SMWF folk. There

Applying Social Media Best Practices: Key steps to success from @mwdonnelly

by Margaret Donnelly, Director of Marketing, Meltwater Buzz For all the thought leadership, case studies, and best practices guides available today, many businesses are still having a hard time applying those principles and practices to their own unique circumstances. At every social media conference I attend, I overhear the same type

What if Spam were true? [Infographic]

By Ed Hadley, Senior Marketing Manager at Neolane  Imagine  world where the email that hit your spam filter actually came from the people and brands you know and trust, via your social networking news feed updates. We can become so bombarded with status updates, new “likes” and “shares”, and sponsored

Introducing #SMWF Connect!

We are pleased to announce the launch of SMWF Connect our brand new networking service for 2012! SMWF Connect provides the opportunity for all workshop delegates, speakers, exhibitor & sponsors to connect pre-event, share knowledge, engage in discussions & pre plan meetings with key folk they are looking to connect with

Demystifying Social Media Monitoring

By Kiron Mair, UK Community Manager for Synthesio It’s no big secret that in 2012 social media is driving most of the world’s conversations about anything and everything. But it’s only been in the last three or four years that brands have cottoned on to the idea of social networks

Using customer insight to build social loyalty through community and fan engagement – interview with LEGO ahead of #SMWF

Retailers and brands are discovering new ways to gain valuable customer insight through their use of social media. By creating online social communities, retailers are not only able to build brand loyalty but receive feedback on their products and gain insight for future projects. A recent report found that 85%

The Next Generation of Social Marketing

By Maya Grinberg, Social Media Manager, Wildfire Interactive Summing up social marketing in 2011 and making predictions for the coming year is a daunting task! 2011 saw more industry growth than any other year; we saw the widespread acceptance of social marketing for B2B companies, and we witnessed moments that

Doing a Ratner: When Social Media Goes Bad – spotlight on The Drum @ #SMWF

Twenty years ago Gerald Ratner described the jewellery his stores sold as ‘crap’ at the Institute of Directors annual conference. Days later his organisation had seen £500m wiped off its value. It’s reputation unsalvageable. Had Gerald made the same faus pas today his company reputation would have been destroyed in

Social CRM spend set to surpass $1Billion in 2012

With spending on customer service processes and applications to assist sales expected to exceed $1Billion globally this year (Gartner Research),  the hype around Social CRM software is over and  companies are rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business.   While B2C markets have seen the biggest adoption of social

Ten Tips for Creating Dialogue in Your LinkedIn Group

By Anders Lundin, EMEA Digital Lead for Text 100 There is no doubt that LinkedIn has taken the position as one of the leading social platforms for B2B communications. LinkedIn currently has around 150 million users and the platform is used almost exclusively for business contacts and business communication, which

A Truly Social Soirée for Social Media Week, with SMWF and Vitrue

We’re soriee’d out after a lovely night at the hospital club with Vitrue and friends of SMWF!  It was great to see everyone last night at the ‘Social Soiree’. The night at the Hospital Club was a facebook gaming, live art creating, ipad dj’ing &  social media chattering  networking night,

Foursquare and the growth of location based services on the agenda at #SMWF

This week we wanted to put the spotlight on the Mobile Marketing track taking place on day 2 of this year’s SMWF Europe (27th-28th March, Olympia London). According to a recent report by Berg Insight, the mobile advertising market is growing by over a third year-on-year, and is expected to

The Five Rules of Social TV… and it’s all thanks to Coke’s Socialbowl

By Lloyd Salmons and Ronnie Crosbie from Outside Line This is the year that the Superbowl got all social on itself. With an estimated 60 per cent of its 100 million viewers tuning in via a ‘second screen’, it’s no wonder the main players have woken up to social plug-ins.